Constructing 246 foot long retaining wall to remediate landslide in Oregon City
Constructing 246 foot long retaining wall to remediate landslide in Oregon City
Installing 40' tall foundation cages into predrilled shafts at steeply sloped Portland residential site.
Driving pipe piles at Progress Quarry
Coring for bridge shafts
Braced shoring
20' tall shoring of H-piles, wood lagging, anchor and walers
Driving H-piles at Oregon Coast
Wildlife restoration project
Carved shotcrete walls
Using shotcrete for temporary shoring
Union Station dry core seismic upgrade



PLI Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing the most innovative solutions for challenging soil and foundation issues. With nearly 30 years of experience, PLI Systems has the expertise and equipment to handle almost any soil and foundation stabilization problem. We have gathered specialized equipment from all over the world and have hired experts from various fields to train our employees. From temporary or permanent shoring to drilled and grouted tie-back anchors to dewatering,

There may be a few contractors who perform some of the services we offer, but PLI Systems is the only company that does it all.

Below you will find some of the scores of construction companies, municipalities, engineering firms and other entities we have worked for and with:






























































About Company

We are a DBE/MBE certified contractor with over 30 years experience solving difficult soil and foundation stabilization issues.


Work Area

We are licenesd in Oregon and Washington. Our home base is the Portland Metropolitan area but we have worked throughout both states.

We do a lot of work along the Oregon coast from Astoria to Brookings.

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